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12 April 2010 @ 04:24 pm
[Fanfic] Drrr Shizaya: Calling Nurse  
Story: Durarara!
Title: Calling Nurse ch 1
Pairing: Shizaya: Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: PG for now, R later
Warning: smut later. Crossdressing
Summary: Heiwajima Shizuo is hospitalized and immobilized when Izaya comes for a visit... as a nurse. (woo what a surprise there, knowing this title)
Dedicated to: Whoever posted that prompt on drrrkink meme. http://drrrkink.livejournal.com/377.html?thread=322169#t322169

Heiwajima Shizuo is a man of peace. More than anyone else in this world, he hates violence. He hates it because violence hurts people dear to him. He hates it because it takes away things and people precious to him rather than helping him protect them.

And right now, he hates it because violence took away his freedom.

He was strapped in the small hospital bed tightly secured with all sorts of bandages around his arms and legs, his chest as well as braces on his neck. There were bandages around his head to stop the bleeding as well as casts around his broken arms and legs. And incidentally, his ribs were broken too. Looks like he’ll be wasting his entire summer vacation in the hospital, healing.

Heiwajima Shizuo sighed a long sigh as he looked out the peaceful window that showed him the blue clear sky that spoke of freedom that’s beyond his reach. Now Hiwajima Shizuo did not understand exactly why all these gangs were after him as soon as he entered high school, but they were. And now that he’s senior, there’s even yakuzas after his life. And hitmen and assassins. That’s just going too far!

After fighting them in a row for a week as soon as school ended and summer vacation started, he was just too worn out and was landed in the hospital. Even his inhuman strength and healing powers can only take so much before he just needs rest without fighting.

The only thing he looked forward to is his brother’s visit which he came every day. But yesterday, he said he got hired at the audition for a small role and will be too busy for regular visits. So much for that.

So there sat Heiwajima Shizuo, man of peace, watching outside his window, peacefully, and bored… when he heard the door open. Oh right, it’s time for lunch and medicine, Shizuo thought to himself. Since he can’t move, usually the nurses had to feed it to him, which was a bit embarrassing… he’s not a young boy anymore after all.

But today, his peaceful days shattered as he heard a familiar voice.

“Shi~~~zu-chan~<3 Your meal is here~”


Shizuo stopped in mid-yell and yelped instead as he felt a sharp pain on his neck and travel all the way down his spine. Oh, right, he can’t move, thanks to certain someone! Though Shizuo had no solid evidence what so ever, he was still 120% sure that all of his problems must be somehow due to this little louse’s fault. All of it.

But what caught him even more off-guard, was… how Izaya skipped around as he waltzed in. In. Pink. Nurse’s Uniform.

Art by amecandy

Shizuo gawked. Even though Shizuo can always smell the reeking louse and can recognize his disgusting voice no matter how sweetly he may try to cover it, Shizuo was still not prepared for the shock of his life, seeing Izaya in a cute nurses outfit… with nice, long revealing legs that would make at least 90% of the women in Tokyo cry in sleep. He didn’t even have HAIR on his legs!

“What the fuck are you trying to pull, louse!”
“Aww, Shizu-chan~ didn’t you miss me? I heard all your family members were busy~ even that little deadpan brother of yours. Besides, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to do some internship during summer vacation.”
“Did you…! I mean, they couldn’t…! It’s a hospital isn’t it?!!!”
Shizuo spluttered, not able to make any coherent sentences due to shock of seeing 1) Izaya in a disgusting pink cute Nurse uniform 2) how the heck he was able to fool the entire hospital staff that he’s…well, a she! One would expect the hospital to at least be able to differentiate these things or do some sort of a check-up, but no, a hospital is still a commercial business entity, they wouldn’t strip and do a body-search on cute highschool kid who was interested in doing internship over the summer. Especially since Izaya had good marks in class, and especially since Izaya was very good at tampering with his Identification Card already at the age of 17.

“My, Shizu-chan. I didn’t think you were into this kind of fetish~ do I turn you on?” Izaya giggled as he turned around and wiggled his butt towards Shizuo and it was all Shizuo could do to grab the bed he was laying on and throw it at Izaya. And he would too~ if he weren’t bound and his arms and legs (and ribs) were broken.

Izaya snickered once he’s done showing off and walked back to the door to bring a cart with a tray of food. Shizuo’s eyes widened.
“You seriously work here?!” Shizuo would rather believe that Izaya stole a nurse’s outfit rather than his formal paperwork he submitted actually got approved and now he'll be volunteering to work at the hospital weekly, or daily for that matter. Didn’t Izaya have something better to do?

Clearly, he didn’t.

Izaya brought the cart next to Shizuo’s bed and parked it. Then he climbed on top of Shizuo, and sat on top of his stomach.

“Oof!” Shizuo grimaced at the pain.

“Oh my, was that your ribs? I’m sorry~ but it’s soooo much easier to feed you this way.” Izaya wiggled his butt suggestively, but that only brought more sounds of cracking and Shizuo gasping in pain.

“I-ZA-YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Shizuo did not care anymore and he was about to get up, (even with broken bones and all) and pick up the bed to throw at him, when Izaya placed a hand on Shizuo’s chest and pushed him back down with a smirk… and held up a syringe in his hand. It squirted a clear liquid.

“Now, now Shizu-chan~ You didn’t think I came without any preparation did you? You reeeeeeally don’t want me to use this.”

Shizuo stared at Izaya and then at the syringe, frowning. It could just be water and Izaya could be bluffing. But this was a hospital with all sorts of drugs, and Shizuo wasn’t sure what Izaya would shoot him up with… it could be from poison all the way to cocaine for all he knew. Or lethal dosage of anesthesia.

Shizuo glared as he laid back. Izaya grinned. “Good boy.” And now he whipped out the tray with food and a spoon to feed him with.

“Now say 'aaah'~”

I couldn’t figure out if Izaya would be age 17 in the summer of his senior year or 18 since I don’t know Izaya’s birthday… so I picked a number. I apologize >.>;;

Ah, I also forgot to mention, Japanese school system is so that school starts on spring, ends in spring/winter… so summer vacation is not the end of the year~ Just saying, to those who may be confused with my wording. Thank you for reading <3

xxanimexxanime on May 11th, 2010 12:57 am (UTC)
lol, I don't know the characters or the series, but that was really funny and cute. The artwork was also really well done.
jeenaxjeena on September 23rd, 2010 12:23 am (UTC)
is there a second one where i can continue this???? ;-;
it was awesome <3
enixfire on October 16th, 2010 04:16 am (UTC)
oh good lord! ♥ Yes, you very effectually portrayed Izaya's and Shizuo's personalities. I can not wait to see what sort of devilishly sadistic things Izaya will metaphorically force feed Shizuo.
Sharday WilesSharday Wiles on December 31st, 2010 02:37 am (UTC)
So cute! X3
And Izayas birthday is May 4th :3
Rukawa GF: zelgadiss//well... blushrukawagf on December 31st, 2010 02:59 am (UTC)
the fic was written before his birthday was announced sadly :3
Sharday WilesSharday Wiles on December 31st, 2010 02:50 am (UTC)
So cute! X3
And Izayas birthday is May 4th :3